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Supporting DSP

In an effort to further close the gap between designers and developers, we're happy to announce that Arcade has partnered with Adobe and will be supporting the Design System Package (DSP) file format upon release. By managing your tokens in Arcade, you'll be able to export your tokens to a tokens.json file, allowing seamless imports into your DSP.

With Arcade, it doesn't matter who is making what changes where— your design decisions will live in one place, as one source of truth. Arcade's decision-context schema will enable your team to keep in sync and build better products, faster. By supporting DSP, teams can now funnel this unique context data that Arcade provides into the DSP with ease.

In addition to DSP, Arcade will be supporting numerous outputs right out of the box. With our custom Arcade Engine under the hood, we're able to build these exports with ease. And that's kind of our thing. As we keep building, we'll be forming more partnerships to understand how best to serve the community's needs. And with the power of our Engine, many new export formats are to come.

So thank you, Adobe! We're excited to see how the community will use Arcade and the DSP export to better their workflow, and further bridge the gap between designers and developers.

For more information about DSP, you can check out the announcement page here.