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Scale brand decisions with confidence.

Arcade is for enterprise teams of designers, product managers, and engineers who want to work with design tokens without writing code.


Arcade is currently accepting a limited set of teams for early access.

Your team qualifies for early access if:

  • You know what design tokens are
  • You’re open to a different token setup than what you have currently
  • You have at least one designer, one engineer, and one product manager on the team
  • You use Figma as your primary design tool

Still with us? The Arcade early access group fee is $2,500. Included in that fee:

  • Create unlimited users and projects
  • A 12-month license
  • Custom support, including individual onboarding and feature assistance
  • Waived onboarding fee
  • Access to a Slack feedback + discussion channel with other early access teams

We currently have spots open for 9 more teams.

Apply for early access — $2,500